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• This referral must be made by a current Vision College or Trainme student or was a student in the last 12 months. 
• You, the referring student, must complete a referral form prior to/alongside the receipt of the application for the student you are referring. A referral form cannot be completed after the new student has submitted their application. 
• The new student cannot have studied in a Vision College or TrainMe course before. 
• The new student must be accepted and remain on the course for at least one month before the referral thank you gift will be paid. 
• The referral thank you gift will be given to the student who completed the referral form, not to the new student applying. 
• Only one referral thank you gift will be given out per new student referral. If more than one student refers a new student, then the referral thank you gift will be split between the people referring. For example, if two people refer the same new student they will get $50 each. 
• All normal entry criteria apply. TrainMe and Vision College’s decision is final. *

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